SyncAge: Secure Cloud Storage for Designers

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SyncAge: Secure Cloud Storage for Designers

Every week, we hear from members who have lost their most important work. Laptops are stolen, hard drives crash, the wrong file gets deleted–and even if you’ve been trying to keep up with manual backups on your own, files slip through the cracks and aren’t always up to date.

Whenever we’ve talked with someone who has lost data, we’ve wished we could instantly restore all of their hard work for them.

So we’ve been working to develop the best way for Pool Studio and VizTerra members to keep files accessible, confidential, and backed up.

We’re excited to introduce SyncAge: quick, easy, and secure cloud-based file management. SyncAge integrates seamlessly with Pool Studio and VizTerra to give you the best cloud storage experience.

How does it work?

1. Sync automatically. No more worrying about when you last had time to back up files. SyncAge keeps track of your files for you. Delete the wrong file? SyncAge keeps old files for 30 days. In the field when you realize you need a file on your office computer? As long as you can connect to the Internet, you can access your synced files.

2. Backup securely. Your work belongs to you. We implement the strictest, industry-leading security standards so that you can be confident your work is protected.

3. Work anywhere. We know a lot of you are working outside the office, so we designed SyncAge to be fast and easy. You can sync unlimited files to as many computers as you need.

Why SyncAge?

For the best cloud storage experience, you need the service designed specifically for you, not a generic one-size-fits-all product.

SyncAge works seamlessly with the software you know and love–Pool Studio and VizTerra!–and is fully backed by our dedicated customer support team.

Check it out at and start syncing your important files right away.

Any questions? Need help picking the right plan for your business? Give us a call at 888-SYNCAGE


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Noah Nehlich is the founder of Structure Studios. We create interactive 3D design software for Pool and Landscape designers. Connect with Noah on Google+.
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    Get post ! I always use cloud storage to backup my data but there are some other good uses that you have shared