Attach Project Images to Email

Share an image of your project with your client quickly by emailing the image via the software, dragging the image into your email compose window, or attaching the image to an email.


Media ViewerFirst, click on the Media Viewer Button in the Application Bar. 


Option 1: Email directly through the software

Select the orange email icon and email the image directly through Vip3D, Pool Studio, or VizTerra.

Email Software

Option 2: Drag the image into your email client

Select View Media Location.

View Media Location

This will open the project's media folder on your computer.

Media folder

Select the image you would like to share and drag it into your email compose window.

Option 3: Attach the image to an email

  1. In your email client, click the "Attach" button (usually a paperclip icon). Then navigate to C:\StructureStudios\SE3D20\Projects.
  2. Choose the project name.
  3. Select the project image.
  4. Click Open