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Overview Videos
Basic Drawing Review the basic controls of the software, the layout of the interface and use the core tools to draw basic shapes
Advanced Drawing Explore more advanced controls of the 8 core tools
Stage Videos
Project Information & Start Screen Review Start screen, create and open projects, adjust 3d environment, adjust property line and orientation
House Create a house, add doors, windows, roof. Create custom roof with advanced roof techniques
Walls, Fences & Railing Create and adjust property walls, fences and railing
Terrain Adjust yard slope with single slope, multiple slopes, and 3d terrain tools
Pools Create a Pool with arc and line tools, adjust depths using single and multiple pool slopes
Spas Create a Spa, catch basins, and add spillovers and negative edges
Hardscapes Create hardscapes, raised bond beams and raised planter boxes
Wood Decks Create wood decks, add miter boards, dividers, skirts and railing
Steps & Benches Add steps and trim tile to pools and spas using drawing tools and Auto Step tool
Planters Create planter beds, raised planters, and a driveway
Custom Shapes Create an outdoor kitchen, support columns and vaulted ceiling wood beams
Pergola Create a pergola and adjust settings for support
Materials Apply materials and customize scale, rotation and color
Plants & Trees Add landscaping, assign symbols and callout images
Yard Accessories Add furniture, accessories, lighting and equipment to project
Create Presentation Take screenshots, record videos, do live presentations and apply 3d filters
Construction Markup Apply line styles and fill patterns, create custom layers such as plumbing, and add symbols to the project
Page Layout Get your page ready to print with page settings, 3d views, legends, depth profiles and automatic Smart Data calculations
Advanced Training Videos
360 Photos and Videos With Vip3D, create interactive photos and videos and upload to social media
3D Measurements Measure heights and distance in 3D. In this video, we measure the height and length of an outdoor kitchen, and a staircase
AutoCAD Import Learn how to import AutoCAD files, load new shapes, and save symbols into your project
Beach Entry Follow along to learn how to use two easy Pool Slope techniques to create a beach entry quickly
Freeform Shapes Create freeform shape by using Guides and adjusting Snaps & Constraints
GIS Access GIS aerial overhead and angled imagery, surveyed terrain data and parcel lines, and use for reference while designing
Importing SketchUp Import models from the SketchUp 3D modeling software and apply new materials to the models
In Pool Seating Create a dry seating area inside of a Pool
Negative & Infinity Edge Use Spillovers to create negative edge, infinity edge, and catch basins
Outdoor Kitchens & Fireplaces Delight your clients with a custom outdoor kitchen, complete with all of the accessories they want most
Retaining Walls Follow along and see just how easy it is to add retaining walls, adjust the terrain, and create raised wall tiers
Rock Waterfall Create a custom rock waterfall and use water features
Smart Data: Calculating Build Materials Get automatic area, perimeter, concrete and rebar calculations. Create custom data sets. Automatically fill in construction sheet with data
Sound Effects Add ambient sound like birds chirping, neighborhood sounds, splash effects when creating a video tour, and background music
Text FX Add text to welcome your clients to their design, highlight key project features, and add their house number to the front of the home
Triangulation and Centerline Add Triangulation and Centerline measurements, adjust anchor lines, and adjust settings and appearance of measurements
Type In Measurements Learn how to use the Type In Measurements feature
Vaulted Ceiling Create an open air roof using the Roof Only feature, and add support beams and rafters with Custom Shapes
Video Mode Set camera locations and adjust transitions to create video presentations for the client
Walls, Fences & Railing Advanced Create a wall/fence combo, add railing to staircases, create detaild roof trim, pool safety fence, and a screen room
Pool Studio Fundamentals Training
Fundamentals Part 1 Pool Studio Fundamentals Training Part 1
Fundamentals Part 2 Pool Studio Fundamentals Training Part 2
Fundamentals Part 3 Pool Studio Fundamentals Training Part 3
Fundamentals Part 4 Pool Studio Fundamentals Training Part 4
Fundamentals Part 5 Pool Studio Fundamentals Training Part 5
VizTerra Fundamentals Training
Fundamentals Part 1 VizTerra Fundamentals Training Part 1
Fundamentals Part 2 VizTerra Fundamentals Training Part 2
Fundamentals Part 3 VizTerra Fundamentals Training Part 3
Vip3D Fundamentals Training
Fundamentals Part 1 Vip3D Fundamentals Training Part 1
Fundamentals Part 2 Vip3D Fundamentals Training Part 2
Fundamentals Part 3 Vip3D Fundamentals Training Part 3
Fundamentals Part 4 Vip3D Fundamentals Training Part 4

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