Create a Custom Fire Pit and Sunken Seating Area

A fire pit is a focal point where everyone wants to gather.


Step 1: Draw the Fire Pit

Head to the Hardscapes & Decks Stage to draw the outside dimensions with the Rectangle or Circle Tool.  

These measurements include the thickness of the walls, so the total width of the fire pit is not the same as the width of the burning area.

Fire Pit 1

A good rule of thumb is to make an above-ground fire pit 12" to 20" tall.

12" to 14" will keep the fire pit a few inches shorter than most outdoor furniture seating.

If you want to sit on the edge of the fire pit, 18" to 20" inches will be comfortable.

Step 2: Draw the Burning Area

Use the Outline Tool in the Planters Stage to create the depth of the fire pit.

Fire Pit 2

Step 3: Add Fire and Seating

Head to Yard Accessories to add the Strip or Gas Fire to the center of the fire pit.

Customize the fire in the Panel under Fire Options.

Fire Pit 3A

Next plan for seating that will allow for both group settings or one-on-one time.

Fire Pit 3B

Step 4: Customize the Appearance

Head to the Materials Stage to apply a unique material to each element. 

The outside of the fire pit can then be finished with stucco, stone or brick veneer, or decorative concrete.

To change the material on the fire pit cap, select it by double left clicking directly on it. The selected surface will highlight in red.

Fire Pit 4

Create an Inviting Sunken Area

A sunken area is another way to create a comfortable space that helps you enjoy the fire pit.

Advanced Outdoor Living 1

Step 1: Draw the Floor

Draw the floor of the hardscape and set the height to a negative value.
Sunken Pit 1
Step 2: Draw the Walls
Draw the walls of the sunken area with a second hardscape and set to a negative height.

Sunken Pit 2

Step 3: Add the Stairs

Use the Staircase Tool to add stairs down to the area.

Sunken Pit 3

Step 4: Draw the Fire Pit

Use the Circle Tool to add the Fire Pit.

Sunken Pit 4A

Use the Outline Tool in the Planter Stage to create the depth of the fire pit.

Sunken Pit 4B

Step 5: Customize the Appearance

Once the structure is in place, add logs and fire from the Library.

The outside of the fire pit and walls can then be finished with stucco, stone or brick veneer, decorative concrete, or tile in the Materials Stage.

Sunken Firepit

Use these techniques to create any shape or size outdoor seating area you need.