Create Multiple Roof Elevations: Version 2

Complex roof designs often involve multiple rooflines. When designing a unique roofline, draw multiple house shapes to achieve great results quickly and easily.

 Draw Roof Shapes
The three house shapes that form this house are outlined below in red, blue, and green:
  • Red: Set as Two-Story and Gabled on both ends.
  • Blue: Set as Two-Story and Gabled on both ends.  
  • Green: Set as 0" and Gabled on three sides.
Multiple House Shapes

To gable the correct sides of the house in 3D, first select the house shape and then select the side of the roof that needs to be gabled. 

TIP: To select multiple sides at once, hold the CTRL key.

The three individual roof shapes that create this complete roof profile are also viewable in 2D:

2D multi Roof View