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How To Improve Your Software Performance

Most laptops include an integrated and dedicated video card. Here is how to ensure the software is utilizing the correct GPU.

Step 1: Right-click on your Desktop and select Display Settings


Step 2: Select Graphics Settings


Step 3: Select Desktop App and Click Browse


Step 4:  Add Structurecore.exe

  • Head to C:\StructureStudios\SE3D20 or C:\StructureStudios\Structure
  • Go to the X64 folder and select Structurecore.exe
  • Click Add


Step 5: Select StructureCore and click Options


Step 6: Select High Performance on the Graphic Preference Menu


NOTE: Connect your laptop to power. High performance selects the dedicated GPU, which provides better performance but consumes more power. 

Step 7: Confirm StructureCore is set to High Performance


Step 8: Restart your Computer

Step 9: Verify Your Video Card in the Software

  • In the software, press F12 to open your About Screen
  • Verify your dedicated card shows under Video Adapter