Moving Around in 3D

Rotation, Zoom, and Focus in 3D Viewport

By default, the 3D viewport is focused on the center of the grid. You can rotate and zoom to view other parts of the design. You may also change the focus of the view by selecting an object or by panning the view. 

Mouse Controls

Rotation: Click and hold the left mouse button, move the mouse to rotate from left to right.

Zoom: Click and hold the right mouse button, move the mouse to zoom in and out.

Pan: Click and hold the center mouse wheel, move the mouse to pan your view left to right. You may also use the Pan tool located in the tool bar at the top of the 3D viewport.

Automatic Object Focus (Enabled by Default)

Double click anywhere in your 3D design to focus your view to that point.

Double-click on a landscaping item in the viewport with the left mouse button. The selected landscaping item will be highlighted in red, and your view will be focused on that object.

3D Gizmo Selection

To focus on the center of the grid, left-click once on the Reset button at the top of the Viewport.  Reset View
Focusing on Multiple Objects:
 Single-click each object while holding the Ctrl key. Or use the selection marquee by holding down the Shift key, the left mouse button, and dragging the mouse to form a box around the objects you want to select.

To optimize the selection process in 3D, it is recommended to disable the "Select Any Object" option under "Object Modification". This will help prevent any unintentional selection of objects caused by the perspective in the marquee tool.

Select Any Object

For more information on object selection see Moving and Rotating the Objects

Disable Automatic Object Focus

To prevent your camera from automatically focusing on objects, follow these steps:

1. Open the Configuration menu by pressing F7.

2. Click on 3D Settings.

3. Disable the "Focus Camera on Selected Object" option.

Once disabled, your view will only change if you double click an area of the design/ground or manually move the camera using the mouse controls. This means that selected objects will no longer be centered in your view.

Focus on Any Object