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Sound Effects and Text Effects

The Sound and Text FX found in the Library allow you to add immersive elements in 3D and bring your presentations to the next level.

Sound and Music Effects

You can offer your clients a complete outdoor living experience by including 3D sounds in your design. Use soundscape design to immerse your clients in their new space, complete with the sound of chirping birds, gentle breezes, and splashing water.

Discover more tips to create compelling Soundscape Design.

Add Sounds

From the Library insert a Sound/Music option or use the Blank Sound to add your own music.

Insert Sound

Once inserted you can adjust the sound settings such as the volume and size of the sound radius.

In the Panel click + Add Sound to insert your own music. Click the sound name and find the sound file on your computer.

Add Sound

NOTE: If you use copyrighted music, YouTube will place ads on your video.


Turn OFF sounds in the Hide/Unhide Menu under Preview Mode:
Hide Unhide Sounds
In the Panel, you can adjust the volume of individual water features and spillovers.
Once this value is set, it is remembered for the next water feature you insert.
Sound Setting
For example: if you decrease the spillover volume to 50%, the next spillover you add will have the volume set to 50%.

Each water feature and spillover type remember individually.
If another file already has a water feature in it, the volume was set when you inserted it. 

Text Effects

You can insert text into your designs with the Text tool at any time in 3D. While in 2D, Text FX can be selected in the Yard Accessories stage.

Showcase design elements, highlight specific features, add custom watermarks, or even include a personalized message to your clients.


You can easily customize the size, appearance, and placement of your text in the Panel.