How to Create a Sunken Fire Pit in Pool Island

A seating area and fire pit in the middle of the pool makes a dramatic focal point.

Step 1: Draw your Pool

Once your pool has been created, head to the Hardscapes Stage.

Step 2: Draw the Island Perimeter and Steps

First draw the outside perimeter of the island and the steps leading to it. 

To create square or rectangle shapes, Activate the Rectangle Tool & Turn On Grid Snap

We'll create a 14ft x 12ft island:

Step2 Hardscape
Set the height of the island and steps to the same height as the pool.

In this example, our pool and hardscapes are set to 0".

Pool Island 1

Step 3: Create the Sunken Area

To create the sunken area in our island, draw a second hardscape at a lower height. 

Use the Outline Tool to set the offset for thickness of the island wall and draw the shape.

Step3 Sunken Hardscape

Pool Island 2

Step 4: Remove the Water

To remove the water from the sunken area, draw a Spa and set the height to a negative value greater than your pool depth.

  • To draw the Spa: Activate the Outline Tool to outline the sunken hardscape.
  • Set the offset to 2 inches to make the spa slightly larger than the inside hardscape.
  • Turn OFF Coping on the Spa:

    Step4 Lowered Spa

Pool Island 3

Step 5: Add Fire Pit, Seating and Accessories

Once the sunken island is in place, add seating with additional hardscapes, a fire pit, and accessories. 

Pool Island 4