Virtual Reality

Vip3D Members have access to the Oculus Rift Virtual Reality experience. The Oculus Rift uses state of the art displays and options to immerse your clients in the 3D project you’ve designed for them.

Virtual Reality is Vip3D Only

oculus Vip3D

Note: You will likely need a new computer to use VR. Visit our hardware blog for more information.


Oculus Rift or Oculus Quest 2

When you enter Presentation Mode while using Oculus hardware, you and your clients will feel as though you’re actually in the newly designed yard, in vivid virtual reality.

Virtual Realityoculus headset Vip3D

Getting to Virtual Reality: In order to share your design with your clients in virtual reality, check the Oculus Presentation Mode box in Create Presentation.

  1. Left-click Presentation to enter the Oculus Presentation Mode.
  2. Presentation mode will now automatically appear in the headset.

Important: Oculus Quest 2 requires a supported Oculus Link cable to connect to the computer.

Navigation in the Oculus Presentation Mode is simple. When exploring with Oculus, you have 4 options to navigate the design:

  • Oculus Remote
  • Mouse
  • Keyboard Arrow Keys
  • Photo Mode Locations

Oculus Remote

When entering Oculus Presentation Mode, a warning screen from the Oculus software will appear.

Press the center button on the Oculus remote.

The Oculus remote is used to move in Oculus Presentation Mode.

Oculus Remote VIP3D

Move Forward: Top Press on the directional pad

Move Backwards: Bottom Press on the directional pad

Turn Left: Left Press on the directional pad

Turn Right: Right Press on the directional pad


Mouse or Keyboard

You can also control navigation in the Oculus Presentation Mode with your mouse or keyboard.

Mouse: Moving the mouse around will change the direction you are looking. Pressing and holding the left mouse button will move you forward in the direction you are looking. Pressing and holding the right mouse button will move you backwards from the direction you are looking.

Keyboard: Use the arrow keys to move forward, back, left and right.

Photo Mode Locations

Use Locations saved in Photo Mode to quickly move from one area of the project to another.

Saved Location: To move to a specific location saved in Photo Mode, Press the location number.   For example: To move to Location 02, Press 2.

By default your starting point in Oculus Presentation Mode is the first Location Slot. To start in a different location, double click on the Location Slot to set it.


To experience sound through the Oculus, assign Oculus as the default audio device for the PC.

Follow these steps to make this change:

  1. In the bottom right of your screen, right click on the volume control icon
  2. Left click on Playback Device
  3. Left click on Headphones Rift /Oculus Audio device
  4. Left click on Set Default

Oculus Sound Vip3D

Oculus Sound

Message: Oculus Not Connected

For the Oculus Presentation Mode to use the Rift hardware, the Oculus software must be running on the PC.  It should start automatically when entering Oculus Presentation Mode.

If the Oculus software does not automatically launch, follow these steps to manually start the software:

Oculus Message Vip3D1. Left click on the Start menu (Windows icon) in the bottom left of your screen

2. Type Oculus to find the software

3. Left click on the Oculus Desktop app