A Few of Our Recent Updates

We set out to create new tools that will not just help you save time, and not just help you impress your clients, but also help you create accurate and detailed projects.

Spring 2021 Update

    • Totally redesigned 3D Engine, Materials and Models
    • Edit Shapes in 3D
    • Level Ground in Terrain
    • Vip3D Exclusive Features:
      • 3D Grass
      • Window Lights and Strip Lights
      • Professional Camera Controls

Version 3 Blog Header

Spring 2020 Update

    • Quickly Draw Ellipses and Ovals( Circle Tool + Shift )
    • Design Specialty Windows
    • New Fence and Railing Styles
    • More Right Click Options


Winter 2019 Update

    • Access Tools Instantly with the Right Click Menu (Convert Shapes, Jump to Stage, and many time saving buttons)
    • Embedded Symbols in Construction Lines
    • 24-hr Time Lapse with Enhanced True Shadows


Summer 2019 Update

    • Customize Shapes Easily with New Point Heights
    • Autocomplete Shapes (Perfect for raised bond beams, pathways, and retaining walls) 
    • Union Tool (Combine multiple shapes and let the software remove the extra lines)


Spring 2019 Update

    • Add Scoring Lines with Custom Scoring Mode
    • Scale by Perimeter
    • Lock Shapes in Place
    • New Camera View in 3D with ALT Click


Winter 2018 Update

    • Customize Hardscape Coping
    • Add Lip Styles to Custom Shapes and Staircases
    • Create Tiered Spillovers
    • Take Multiple Photos in Photo Mode