Create Hardscape Borders, Banding, and Paver Kits

Use Coping Draw Mode in the Hardscapes Stage to create decorative borders, banding, paver kits and accent pavers for your patios and driveways.

Coping Draw Mode

With this mode, it's easy to use the drawing tools to create exactly the coping you need, right where you need it on your hardscape.

Coping Draw Mode is found in the Hardscapes & Decks Stage.

Add different coping at a beach entry, include decorative banding on the driveway, feature unique paver kits, or even create a custom basketball court—it takes just a few simple clicks. 

Coping Draw Mode

Rotate Material: Toggle to rotate the coping material 90 degrees.

Flip Coping: Switch which side of the drawn line the coping appears on.

Width: Adjust the overall width of the custom coping. The limit ranges from 1" to 24".

Add Decorative Borders and Grass

Coping Draw Mode offers a fast way to create and add decorative borders, banding or grass to hardscapes.

Coping Coping 1

To create a band, select the driveway and click Coping Draw Mode. Using the Outline Tool, draw the band of coping.

Follow terrainFor driveways or any other hardscape that follows the terrain, select "Follow Terrain" for your Hardscape shape.

For example, you might choose to offset the band by 2 ft. and then set the width of the coping to 9 in. Once you enter the measurements you need in 2D, you'll be able to instantly see the band in 3D.

Coping Draw Mode 2

Create Paver Kits and Accent Pavers

Coping Draw Mode is also an excellent way to customize an area with paver kits and accent pavers, making it easy to add unique and eye-catching accents.

Add Inlay pavers with Custom Coping. Or outline an area to link different elements of the hardscape, such as the outdoor kitchen and the fireplace.

Paver Kits

It's easy to instantly adjust the width, shape, color combinations, and textures so that your new custom accents perfectly suit your specific landscape design.

Select the hardscape in 2D and click Coping Draw Mode. The border of the shape will turn green.

Draw any pattern with the Drawing Tools on the selected Hardscape:

Hardscape Paver Kits

Head to the Materials Stage to apply just the right material to your Paver Kit:

Paver Kit 3D