How to Make a Beach Entry

Learn how to create a beach entry that blends with the pool bottom or leads into a pool step.

Beach Entry

To create a beach entry in your pool shape, use the outline tool to trace the line of the pool where the beach entry begins and set the contour depth to 0″. Next, draw a second line to represent the end of the beach entry and set the contour depth to a value greater than 0″.


Beach Entry that Leads to a Step

To create a beach entry that leads to a step, select the multiple pool slopes option. In this example, the step to which the beach entry will lead is highlighted:
Image 2020-04-29 at 7


In the pool stage, first select the pool and then select multiple slopes on the right-hand side. Three depth measurements are indicated in this example: 

0 ft.: One line on the edge of the pool. This line creates the beach entry point. 

1 ft.: One line on the back side of the step. 

3 ft.: One more line on the other side of the step; this line indicates where the deeper side is. 


Beach Entry Step 2D


The beach entry step will be visible in 3D: 

Beach in 3D


Beach Entry that Blends with the Step or Pool Bottom 

If you prefer to blend the beach entry with the step or the pool bottom, add another slope line at 1 ft. and then add a custom shape to blend it. 

The easiest way to add a custom shape is to copy and paste the step from the custom shape stage.  

While in Pools / multiple slopes, copy and paste the 1 ft. slope line. Go to custom shapes, select the step, and paste the shape slightly closer to the beach entry. 

Beach Entry Edit

As you move the custom shape in 3D slightly lower, it will begin to blend. Continue to move the shape in 3D until it blends smoothly. If the material needs to match the pool, it can be updated in the material stage.

Screen Recording 2020-04-29 at AM

The beach entry will then blend into the step.


Note: Each pool is different and may require slight modifications from these steps.