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Ray Tracing

Ray Tracing enhances the realism of the environment to create more immersive designs. By using the full power of your Nvidia RTX video card, you'll see dramatically more lifelike shadows and reflections.

Getting Started

  1. Ray Tracing is a Vip3D-exclusive feature.
  2. An Nvidia RTX Video Card is required (preferably RTX 3070 or greater).
  3. Your Nvidia RTX video drivers must be updated. Install the "GeForce Experience" to keep your drivers up to date.

Turning On Ray Tracing

Ray Tracing-1

  • Head to the Configuration Menu (Press F7).
  • Click the 3D Settings tab.
  • Activate Ray Tracing.
  • Note that the minimum Display Quality required is Low.

Ensure Anti-Aliasing DLSS is ON when using Ray Tracing.

DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling) uses artificial intelligence to greatly improve the speed of 3D rendering.

Ray Tracing: Benefits

Incredible Reflections

Side-by-Side Reflections

Water Refraction


Crisp Shadows


Translucent Water and Glass

Water Features

Watch the Ray Tracing Comparison Video

Ray Tracing: Limitations 

Real-time Ray Tracing, like any other cutting-edge technology, currently has some limitations.

Slowing Down While Designing

Designing with Ray Tracing ON can slow down your designs in certain situations, like being close to several reflective objects that are reflecting 60+ lights in your design.

Use Fast Mode while designing to avoid any potential slowdowns.

Fast Mode


  • Some effects will not appear in reflections or through glass.
  • Virtual Reality does not support Ray Tracing.

Selecting Objects Under Water

The nature of water refraction means that selecting underwater objects will feel different when Ray Tracing is on. Although this is not a limitation per se, it’s important to keep in mind.

In the image below, water refraction makes the pool light appear much higher than it actually is. The actual location of the pool light on the pool wall is indicated by the red selection highlight. This effect is amplified at low angles.

To accurately select objects underwater, it's a good idea to move your view underwater.

Ray Trace Light

    Ray Tracing: Troubleshooting

    Ray Tracing in Configuration is Grayed Out

    • Ensure you have an Nvidia RTX Video Card and the video card drivers are up to date.
    • If you are connected to an external display on a laptop, ensure Windows sets your secondary monitor as the primary monitor.

    Ray Tracing Slows Down My Computer

    • We recommend an RTX 3070 or greater video card.
    • Lights impact ray tracing performance. Ensure there are no unnecessary lights in your design.
    • While designing, use Fast Mode to temporarily disable ray tracing and other hardware-intensive tasks.
    • Ensure your computer meets the Recommended Specifications.

    NOTE: Ray Tracing will perform noticeably better on a desktop computer over a laptop.

    Ray Tracing Causes Graphical Issues

    • Update your Nvidia RTX video drivers.
    • Install the "GeForce Experience" to keep your drivers up to date.