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Smart Data in Construction

Exclusive to Vip3D, Smart Data will add and update your construction plans spec sheet for you. You’ll get an easy-to-read, easy-to-use breakdown of complex calculations. Unlike manual construction spec sheets, these are dynamic.

Smart Data Blocks

Smart Data Blocks make it possible to display automatic detailed calculations for your projects. This includes Turn Downs, Step Risers, Dirt Displacement, Concrete Yardage, Rebar, and more.

When you create the block, you choose which types of data will be displayed.

Adding Smart Data Blocks

There are 2 ways to add Smart Data blocks to your construction plan

Insert Smart Block1. Click Insert Smart Block from Smart Data 

Click the Insert Smart Block button located at the bottom of Smart Data. Clicking the button will bring up the Smart Data Settings box.







Construction New Object2. Click Insert Object in the Panel 

Clicking the Insert New Object button will bring up the Insert New Object box.

The Name/Title field at the top of the menu is used to label the new object.

Once you have inserted a Smart Data Block, you may move it by using the move tool. When moving, objects automatically snap to the edge of the page.

Smart Data Block

Customizing Smart Data Blocks

The Smart Data Settings box will come up and display a list of your Smart Data categories. Select the Categories you would like to appear, check entire categories, or click the arrow to select individual pieces of data. Next customize the visual appearance of the block and see changes in the preview window.

Smart Data Settings

Smart Data Box Settings

Settings: If the box next to the Category displays a Green Check, everything in that category will appear.

If the box displays a Red X, everything in that category will be hidden.

White Arrow: Left click the white arrow or name to display a detailed list of data for that category.

Hide Unused Data: Groups that are not present in the project will not appear in the list. Uncheck to reveal all categories, even those without any active data.

Box Title Styles: Add a name/title to the block. Adjust the font style and size, color, alignment and background for the title.

Header Text Styles: Add a group header at the top of each category. Adjust the font style and size, color, alignment and background for the header.

Text Styles: Adjust the font settings for the label on the left and value on the right.  Adjust the columns setting to space the data over set number of columns. Add gutter lines between each column, and adjust the line style, color and size.

Borders: Add a border around the block, and adjust line style, color and size.

Verify Data: Verify all calculations that are automatically generated.  Make sure your shapes are drawn correctly, and to scale. Ensure real numbers take into account over break, over excavation, voids, rock displacement, settlement, and any other real world challenges.

Verify Data

Smart Data Verified

Press the Ok button when done.

Editing Smart Data Blocks

Construction Object SettingsTo change or format a smart data block, press the Object Settings button.

The Object Settings button allows you to change settings of an inserted Smart Data Block. Simply select an already created block with the move tool. Once the object is selected, click the Object Settings button.





Smart Data Edit

Changes to the Design: If you need to change the size of a deck or pool in your project, simply make the change in design mode. Your data will automatically be updated.

Manual Changes to the Smart Data Block: The information listed on the smart data block may also be changed manually. This allows you to enter different material names you use or change the quantity to reflect actual build amounts.

  • Move Data: Click and drag the data to move in the list.
  • Remove Data: Highlight the data and press delete to remove it from the block.
  • Change Data: Double click the data to manually change the text.

Note: If the value on the right is adjusted, a yellow question mark will appear to notify you that the information was entered manually. Click the question mark to restore the default value.

Saving Smart Data Templates

Save Smart Data Blocks to the Construction Library for future use.  Save the Smart Data block as a single template to insert on pages, create new page templates or update existing templates with smart data blocks.

In all future projects, the template or page with insert with the specific values for each project automatically filled out.

The buttons located at the bottom of the Library allow you to save, edit and delete custom Smart Data Blocks.

Save: With the Smart Data Block selected, press the Save button. The Create New Template box will come up and display a preview image of your Smart Data. You select the Category and Type you would like the block saved to from the drop-down lists and give your block Name. You may also enter a Description and Search Tags.

Save Smart Data Block

Save a Single Block: Choose “Selected Objects” at the top.

Save a Page Template: Choose “Page Layout” at the top.

Press the Ok button when done.

NOTE: If your template or block contains custom data specific to a single project, the field will appear blank in future projects.

For more information about saving Smart Data Templates, see Page Layout.