💻 Step-by-Step Training Series

Master Vip3D, Pool Studio, and VizTerra with this video series.

Basic Training:

Basic Drawing

Master the essentials: learn how to navigate the interface and draw basic shapes with the core tools.

Advanced Drawing

Once you’ve mastered the basics, learn how to take advantage of the eight core tools’ advanced controls, including how to create shapes with the Outline tool and how to manipulate already-drawn shapes.

Stage 01: Start Screen & Project Information

Discover how to use the start screen shortcuts, adjust the 3D environment, update the property line, change the orientation, and more.

Stage 02: House (Version 3)

Create a house and then personalize it with custom doors, windows, and even an advanced-technique unique roof.

Stage 02: House (Version 2)

Create a house and then personalize it with custom doors, windows, and even an advanced-technique unique roof.

Stage 03: Walls, Fences & Railing

Learn how to create and adjust the custom property walls, fences, and railing that will best suit your client’s outdoor living space.

Stage 04: Terrain

See just how easy it is to use the slope and 3D terrain tools to achieve the perfect yard slope in your next design.

Stage 05: Pools

Designing the perfect pool is incredibly easy with the intuitive tools in Vip3D and Pool Studio. Follow along to create a pool and then adjust the depth with the slope tools.

Stage 06: Spas & Water Features

Learn how to create spas, add catch basins, and feature spillovers and negative edges.

Stage 07: Hardscapes

Learn to draw hardscapes and pool decks along with raised bond beams and seating areas.

Stage 07: Wood Decks

Design a custom wood deck with the smart tools that help you add everything you need, including miter boards, dividers, skirts, and railing.

Stage 08: Steps & Benches

Add the perfect finishing touches to your client’s pool and spa when you learn how to use the drawing tools and the Auto Step tool to add custom steps and trim tile.

Stage 09: Planters

Follow along to complete your client’s outdoor living space with planter beds.

Stage 10: Custom Shapes

Learn how to use the powerful custom shape tool. In this video, you will learn how to draw outdoor kitchens, ramps, and decorative elements.

Stage 10: Pergolas

Learn how to quickly draw and edit beautiful 3D pergolas, pavilions, and arbors.

Stage 11: Materials

Follow along to learn how to personalize every finish of your project, including the material scale, rotation, and color.

Stage 12: Plants & Trees

Discover how easy it is to add the perfect plants and trees to your project. You can even assign symbols and callout images to your landscaping. 

Stage 13: Yard Accessories

Learn how to personalize your projects with furniture, lighting, equipment, and yard accessories that add the perfect finishing touch.

Stage 14: Create Presentation

Create immersive 3D presentations when you master the tools to take photos, record videos, apply 3D filters, and even do live presentations.

Stage 15: Construction Markup

Learn how to add symbols, apply line styles and fill patterns, and create custom layers (like plumbing) that get your design ready for construction. 

Stage 16: Page Layout

Get ready to print your design: modify the paper size, scale, legends, depth profiles, and use Smart Data to load calculations automatically.