Discover Vip3D Exclusive Features in Version 3

Discover new ways to shape your design. The presentation enhancements in Vip3D Version 3 offer you a wide variety of exclusive new options.


Ray tracing enhances the realism of the environment and adds an incredible new level of detail to your designs. By taking the best advantage of the full power of your Nvidia RTX video card, ray tracing makes your designs even more breathtakingly immersive, enhancing your rendering quality in three areas: reflections, refractions, and shadows.

Side-by-Side Reflections


Watch the water move in the pool and spa from spillovers and water features! Even control the intensity of the water surface to enhance the water ripples.

Dynamic Ripples


Ground your viewer to the reality of your design with all-new 3D grass, which makes expansive lawns, gardens, and parks look even more impressive.

3D Grass

In Stage 11: Materials, double-click the Grass to select it. With the Grass selected, Turn On 3D Grass in the Panel under Object Settings.

3D Grass

To see 3D Grass in Design Stages, add a checkmark next to: Visible While Designing.

In Design Stages, 3D Grass is only a preview with a limited view distance.
3D Grass will fully render in Photos and Videos.


Give your client’s house an upgrade in Version 3 by turning on the automatic window lights. 

Window Lights

In Stage 11: Materials, apply a Window Glass to the window and set the scale to 100%

As soon as you enter Dusk or Night, the house becomes an inviting centerpiece as the light glows through the windows.

Window Light


Strategically place strip lights to add ambiance and depth to your design. They're the perfect way to highlight the pool, outdoor kitchen, and bar areas.


Found in the Library in the Lights Category, Strip Lights snap to the edge of the pools, spas, outdoor kitchens and retaining walls.

Double-click the preview thumbnail or left-click the Insert button. When you move your cursor to the viewport, the strip light will follow until you left-click to place it. 

Strip Lights

Strip Lights Options

Once the strip light is placed, you can customize the strip light by using Strip Light Options under Object Settings in the Panel.

The strip light will also conform to the shape, bending around corners and curving around arcs.




Add fog, steam, and even fireworks to add ambiance to your project and set the ideal mood.

Found in the Library under Fire Elements and Water Elements..

Double-click the preview thumbnail or left-click the Insert button. When you move your cursor to the viewport, the effect will follow until you left-click to place it. 

Fireworks SteamEffects


Camera ControlsIn Stage 14: Create Presentation, add another level of professionalism to your photos and videos with exclusive camera controls.

The camera lens dropdown allows you to choose Wide, Variable, or Telephoto.

Use the Focus Distance Dial to add a new dimension with depth of field.

Even add Lens Flare, Camera Dust, Color Fringe, or a Vignette to your image.
Pro Camera Controls

FAST MODE Fast Button

Turn on Fast Mode to design complex projects faster by disabling rendering effects and shadows in Design Stages.


Fast Mode ON


Fast Mode OFF


Capture the mood of your design by adjusting the cloud cover, selecting the perfect phase of the moon to dial in the romance and set your water surface to be turbulent or as smooth as glass.

In Stage 14: Create Presentation, use the Environment Setting Controls:


Sky Controls-1

Moon Scale


Image AdjustmentsIn Create Presentation Photo and Video Mode, apply image filters to enhance the visual elements and the overall aesthetic of your photos and videos. 

You can achieve vibrant colors, subtle shadows, and  enhanced details with image filters.

Find your style and adjust the strength with the Filter Intensity Slider.

Customize each filter with the brightness, contrast, sharpness and bloom sliders.

The Colorize Toggle enables three additional color editing options:  

Saturation: Adjust the color saturation.

Colorize: Adjust the image hue.

Strength: Adjust the strength of the colorized hue.