Screen Rooms and Pool Enclosures

There are three easy ways to design screen rooms or swimming pool screen enclosures: create enclosure walls, draw custom shapes, or select objects from the library to build exactly what you need.

Option 1: Create enclosure walls in the Walls, Fences & Railing stage

With your line or rectangle tool, draw the enclosure to size in the Walls, Fences & Railing stage. Then, apply the Screen Room Preset from the Library.

Draw Screen Room

You can customize these presets and modify the rail placement and screen height.

Adjust Screen Room

You can also delete or reposition the bottom rail to create the right look.

Screen Room Frame

There are two ways to add a roof to your enclosure or screen room.

  1. Draw a house shape for a screen room with a traditional roof.
  2. Draw a custom shape to finish the frame of a screen enclosure.

TIP: Watch this technique in the Advanced Walls, Fences & Railing video

Add a Gable: Roof Only, set to a height of 1"

Roof Only 1
Add an open vaulted ceiling: Roof Only, set to a height of 0"

Roof Only 0

Option 2: Draw the exact shapes you need in Custom Shapes

TIP: Visit the Custom Shapes guide to learn how to draw custom shapes.

This example shows the custom shape of a Pool Enclosure Frame:

Custom Enclosure

Option 3: Build a screen enclosure with library objects

In the Yard Accessories stage, select and insert Screen Enclosure Components, which are available in the Library under Structures, to create a custom screen enclosure. 

TIP: Once you create a screen enclosure, save it to your library as a template to use in future projects.

Screen Room library Objects