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Instant 3D

From 2D to 3D, in just one click

Vip3D is the 3D outdoor living design software that’s easy for everyone to use — AutoCAD experts and new designers alike. With its intuitive interface and powerful design tools, Vip3D expands landscaping software and pool design software so that it now takes just one click to transform 2D project drawings into fully interactive 3D presentations that are ready to customize and share.

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Easy Tools, Easy Changes

Design absolutely anything with the best 3D pool and landscaping design software, featuring 3 smart drawing tools and 5 powerful editing tools.

With 3D Pool and Landscaping Design Software Features, 3D objects update seamlessly so you can respond quickly to your clients’ requests.


Beautiful videos, stunning images, and immersive sound — take advantage of the streamlined, innovative, easy to use 3D design software that gives you the power to present your design vision like never before. Professional landscapes, gorgeous pools, perfect hardscapes — design everything with Vip3D.

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Design in Context with GIS

Get access to high-resolution aerial imagery and surveyed terrain data

Simply type in your client’s address to access GIS data, plus 5 ultra-high-resolution images, for your next landscape design. Image detail down to 3” per pixel means you can calculate square footage, measure the perimeter, spot any potential limitations, and assess the outdoor living space — before you step foot onto the site.

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GIS Aerial Imagery
Topographic Data

Draw the property grade quickly when you import topographic lines from AutoCAD, scan in site maps, or use the GIS database to automatically generate terrain lines on your landscape design.

Garden Design Software with Topographic Terrain
AutoCAD Import

Seamlessly collaborate with your team by importing AutoCAD drawings into your landscape design. Take advantage of Vip3D's easy to use materials and stunning 3D. And eliminate the need to learn complicated 3D visualization software.

Landscape Design Software Import drawings from Autocad

Swimming Pools

Four mouse clicks from a custom pool

Four simple clicks give you a pool with customizable depth, realistic water color based on the time of day, and an interior finish that suits your client and complements their complete landscape design. Color-changing lights, sheer descents, deck jets, vanishing edges, and more personalize your design, ready to add to your built-in Swimming Pool Template Library.

Southwest Pool

Southwest Pool

Northeast Pool

Northeast Pool

Tuscan Pool

Tuscan Pool

West Coast Pool

West Coast Pool

Southern Pool

Southern Pool
Thai Tran, Pure Water Pools "Building in Vip3D is much quicker, giving me more time to be a designer and not a technician."
-- Thai Tran, Pure Water Pools

Create Perfect Decks

Get custom results with easy to use integrated deck design software

Beautiful wood materials, precise structural options, and user-friendly tools — including smart tools that update automatically as you design — make it easy to create the perfect custom decks to enhance your landscape design, complete with the visually stunning details your clients love and the precisely accurate calculations your team needs to build your professional landscape and outdoor living retreat.

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3D Deck Design Software

Create Unique Pergolas

Design welcoming, shaded areas for your clients

Make your pergolas, patio covers, and arbors stand out with landscaping software’s easy design tools. From custom wood finishes to precisely placed slats — every detail is easy to design, select, place, and edit because Vip3D integrates smart tools with built-in pergola and patio design software.

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Custom Pergola Design Software

Walls, Fences, and Railings

Wall and Fence design software: Included

Classic wooden fences, brick walls, pool fences, child fences, and more. All are easy to design and customize with Vip3D’s intelligent design tools that automatically detect elevation changes. As you plan the walls, fences, and railings your clients need, Vip3D tracks changes to your landscape design and adjusts calculations instantly.

Whether you customize your own design or choose one from the built-in template library, anything you can imagine becomes easy to add to your professional landscape design. And because dedicated wall and fence design software is seamlessly integrated into Vip3D, customizing your walls and fences is intuitively easy.

  Look at a few of the many possibilities

  • Vinyl 3 Rail Fence
  • Brick Wall & Iron
  • Staggered Wood Fence
  • Composite Glass
  • Cable Fence with Wood Posts
Fence Variation 01 Fence Variation 02 Fence Variation 03 Fence Variation 04 Fence Variation 05
Vast Plant Library

Flowers, trees, shrubs, ground cover, and much more: Lifelike landscaping items are ready to add in one click. Just drag and drop them into your landscape design.

3D Landscape Design Software Plants and Trees - Vip3D
Thousands of Objects

Decorate your professional landscape design by selecting from the thousands of hand-crafted items and objects in the built-in library to create a custom experience.

3D Landscape Design Software Object Library - Vip3D
Import Sketchup

Import SketchUp files and design with 3D objects and models to create a professional landscape in no time.

Pool Design Sketchup in Vip3D


From wood to pavers, tile to walls — the material of each and every surface of your outdoor living design is easy to customize in 3D with intuitive design tools. The landscaping software smart library contains thousands of materials, all sorted into easy-to-find categories that are as easy to search as to browse. 

In just a click, add a new color to pavers, update the stone to match the tile, use the color wheel and swatches to create a custom look, save time by copying and pasting materials from one surface to another — even create custom materials by importing image files directly into Vip3D. Drag and drop exactly what you need for the most extraordinary outdoor living retreat, complete with a perfect landscape design and a stunning pool.

  Try it out

  • Natural Flagstone Thumbnail
  • Herringbone Mix Thumbnail
  • Diamond Parquet Thumbnail
  • Travertine Thumbnail
Flagstone Deck Material Herringbone Paver Material Parquett Paver Material Travertine Deck Material


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For High-End Outdoor Living Designers

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Interactive 3D

Explore projects in rich detail.

Interactive 3D gives you the power to create an incredible experience for your clients. Lead them as they walk or even fly through their future outdoor living space. Explore the personalized features of their landscape design. Transition from day to night, listening to the lush nature sounds. And invite them to imagine themselves enjoying their space as never before.

With professional and easy to use 3D pool and landscape design software, it’s effortlessly easy to create storyboards, video recordings, unique interactive presentations, and so much more to give your clients a clear understanding of their project in extraordinary detail.


Photo Mode

Capture the perfect angle to share

Showcase design features worthy of attention at up to 8K resolution with the professional landscape software that offers sophisticated artistic effects as well as easy sharing options. Capture any angle, any time of day or night, and choose the perfect camera points — ready to email, print, or even share on social media.

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Photo Mode

Video Mode

Create the perfect video

Smooth, professional videos are simple to create with Vip3D’s integrated 3D pool and landscaping software tools. Assemble shots to highlight details, rearrange featured locations in your landscape design, add and sync sound, and tie together even intricate projects effortlessly with the video storyboard — immediately ready to share on Vimeo and YouTube.

Vip3D is so easy to use, just one click creates immersive 360° images, screenshots, and videos.

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One click creates immersive 360° images, screenshots, and videos.
Click and drag to look around. Click on hot-spots to change your view.

Virtual Reality

Surpass every expectation

Connect your client to every lifelike detail of your stunning pool and professional landscape design with Virtual Reality for Vip3D. It’s easy to do: one click creates interactive 360° screenshots, images, and videos. And just one more click launches Virtual Reality, transforming your 3D presentation into an incredibly immersive experience.

With the Oculus Rift headset, invite your clients to explore your design from every angle. As they discover every surprise and feature you’ve included, they’ll see in vivid, realistic VR the perfect pool, landscape, and outdoor living space you’ve created for them. And it takes nothing more than a simple click.

Virtual Reality
Damon Lang, Green Planet Landscaping “When a customer can virtually walk through their new outdoor space, it’s a game changer in closing a sale.”
-- Damon Lang, Green Planet Landscaping

Time of Day

Capture the perfect mood.

Reveal your professional landscape design during the day, at dusk, and at night to showcase just how perfect your design is for your client. Professional pool and landscape design software offers powerful, precise tools so you can reveal the extraordinary, custom-picked details — including how their property will look as the sun sets and the lights you’ve chosen turn on.

And you can do more than shift the sun and moon to show the changing time of day with Vip3D landscape design software’s design tools. Add landscape lights, path lights, flood lights, and color-changing pool lights to create the perfect lighting experience.

Time of Day

  Try it out

  • Day
  • Dusk
  • Night
Day Dusk Night

Artistic Effects

Reveal the art of your design

Transform your pool, landscape, or outdoor living design into a stunning work of art in just one click. Create your own hand-rendered style with the 19+ built-in effects or experiment with classic art tools — including watercolor, colored pencil, and charcoal — to create results your clients will love to share (or even frame). Your incredible pools and professional landscapes will look even more spectacular.

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For High-End Outdoor Living Designers


Automatic Plans

Your design concept, your construction plan

Eliminate the hassle of drawing up construction plans by using the powerful, customizable outdoor living design software construction layer to add symbols and plumbing, electrical, and gas lines immediately and directly to your design. Add 3D views to clarify complex construction elements and your design will be ready to hand off to your crew.

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Pool Design Software Construction Plan Garden Design Software Construction Plan
Landscape Design Software Construction Plan

Instant Calculations

Data, Simplified

Instant calculations give you the data you need, automatically. Smart Data makes it easy to tackle cumbersome hardscape calculations, from step risers to turn down measurements, without having to stop to run the numbers yourself. This is the construction design software that keeps up with you as you design.

Get deeper insight into projects with rebar calculations. Calculate even the most complicated volume measurements, including dirt displacement, concrete yardage, and gallonage. The construction software features you need, from the only outdoor living design software that handles the calculations for you. See the numbers you need, right alongside your design.

Pool Rebar Visualization

Automatic Specs

Real-time data, ready to build

Automatic construction specs update in real-time, giving you instant access to the data you need.

Estimating projects is easier than ever with the construction design software features that allow calculations to update instantly and automatically on construction pages, saving you hours of work. Change requests become painless, not a time-consuming hassle, when changes are calculated in real-time as you edit your design.

When you’re getting ready to build, the numbers you need are instantly ready for you. And because the automatic construction specs are fully integrated into Vip3D’s powerful outdoor living design tools, calculations update seamlessly.

Construction Plans

Calculate Anything

Get the numbers you need

Calculate an object’s area, perimeter, or material square feet. Triangulate key points with the measure tool. Your measurements are instantly ready to drop into your construction plans.

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Pool and Landscape Design Measurements - Vip3D
Pool Measurements
Area: 428ft2
Perimeter: 90ft 2in
Deck Measurements
Area: 1114ft2
Coping Area: 84ft2
Electrical Lines
Length: 81ft 3in
Plumbing Lines
Length: 341ft

Triangulation and Centerline Tools

Layout pools and hardscape automatically

Get precise, accurate measurements for your installers — in just one click. Any project, any size, any scale: it takes just one click to layout pools and hardscape. The Triangulation and Centerline Rulers included with pool and landscape design software make it easy to instantly edit, adjust, and rotate your automatic, precise measurements.

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Site Plans

Print the site plans you need, ready for approval. Scan paper plans, add your design, and print. Get it all done with easy to use outdoor living design software.

Print on site plans
Export to AutoCAD

Export your outdoor living designs to share them easily with engineering firms, architects, or anyone else who still uses AutoCAD.

Export your designs to AutoCAD DWG files to share with others

Measure In 3D

Measure every angle

Share an extra level of detail with your clients and installers, making certain that the design you’ve created is exactly right. Measure vertical components, show your installers exactly how thick the counter lip needs to be, and use 3D Measurements to keep everyone in the project on track.

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3D Measurements
Barry Justus, Poolscape Inc. “The client truly understands exactly what they are getting... It becomes less of a process of me telling them what they need and instead becomes [a matter of] us working together to ensure they get exactly what they want.”
-- Barry Justus, Poolscape Inc.

Artistic Fills

Go beyond simple black and white plans

Artistic Fills take your construction plans beyond black and white. Built for the needs of professional designers, Vip3D offers powerful options that let you experiment freely to express your design vision.

Gorgeous, hand-drawn fill patterns make it easy to create the stunning look you want. Water Colors, Markers, Colored Pencils, and Modern artistic fills are built-in so you can enhance your design with just one click. And completely seamless landscape design software tools let you see your construction plans with the same materials you assigned in the 3D materials stage, automatically.

Artistic Fills on Construction Drawing

  Look at a few of the many possibilities

  • Markers
  • Modern
  • Colored Pencils
  • Watercolor
Construction Plan with Marker Fill Patterns Construction Plan with Modern Fill Patterns Construction Plan with Colored Pencil Fill Patters Construction Plan with Watercolor Fill Patterns
Plant Legends

The landscaping software plant legend analyzes your work for you, automatically categorizing plants and objects. Keep track of any tree, bush, flower, or object in your professional landscape design.

Automatically completed plant legends
Plant Callouts

Reveal the full beauty of the professional landscape you’re creating for your client and add unlimited plant images to your projects with Vip3D, the landscaping software with the design tools you need to amaze your clients.

Plant Callouts
Custom Symbols

Create and edit plant symbols, colors, artistic styles, and container sizes. Keep all your custom changes saved so you never need to edit them again. 




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/user per month (billed annually)


For High-End Outdoor Living Designers

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