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The Structure Studios Story

Since we started in 1999, we’ve focused on one big goal: improving lives through 3D experiences. And to achieve that goal, we’ve pioneered ever-more-exciting industry-changing ways to help people use 3D.

From creating visually stunning designs, to sharing meaningful experiences, to achieving outstanding results. We’re not just developing 3D pool & landscape design software — we’re helping people use 3D to share ideas that make a meaningful difference. Stay with us, and see where 3D design will take you.


Redesigned 3D Engine March 2021 Version 3 arrives with a totally redesigned 3D Engine!
Released YARD AR App April 2018 Structure Studios steps into the future by releasing YARD, a groundbreaking new AR app for the iPad.
2016 Spirit of Innovation Award October 2016 Structure Studios was awarded the second ever Spirit of Innovation
award at the annual PACE event
in Phoenix AZ.
2013 Version 2.0 Released
December 2013 Version 2.0 is released
2010 Noah purchases company October 2010 Faced with liquidating parts of the company, Noah’s loyalty to the team moves him to save Structure Studios again. Noah bets every penny (plus more) to purchase 100% ownership in Structure Studios.
Housing Recession 2009 “Pool Studio is Life Changing” The housing recession puts many pool companies at risk. Companies that adapt say using Pool Studio helped them survive.
Autocad Support Now Included July 2009 We blend Pool Studio with VizTerra to create VIP Suite (VizTerra in Pool Studio!) to help designers complete projects that feature both pools and landscaping.
VizTerra Released 2009 February 2009 A landscape focused 3D design software is released, named VizTerra.
Pool Studio Featured on the Cover of Aqua Magazine 2007 March 2007 We’re ready for our close up: Pool Studio is featured again on the cover of Aqua Magazine.
Pioneered Subscription Software Model 2005
January 2005 We pioneer the concept of Subscription Software. Despite initial disapproval, Pool Studio is offered at $95 a month. It’s a win-win: customers love the low-risk flexibility, and we continue putting Members first by offering free updates, free training, and free support.
Pool Studio Released December 2004 With 400 pre-orders, Pool Studio is released for $1,995 per user (which includes one year of free updates).
Pool Studio Released March 2004 - December 2004 We get ready to launch: members begin placing pre-Orders for Pool Studio.
Pre-Alpha Version of Pool Studio at Pool and Spa show November 2003 The first pre-alpha version of Pool Studio is shown at the Pool and Spa Show. Pre-orders begin.
Noah Convinces Investors June 2003 Investors try to shut down again, so Noah preps a story-driven presentation to persuade them 3D software for designers is worth developing.
Two Tacos April 2003 Noah spends his last $1.18 on two tacos at Taco Bell. He asks the investors for a salary of $22,000 a year.
2003 Liquid Concepts January 2003 Noah contracts with Paramount Pool and Spa Systems to sell 3D pool portfolio packages under the name “Liquid Concepts.”
Working Trade Shows July 2002 Even with no income yet from Structure Studios, Noah officially resigns from his position working trade shows to cement his support for the company.
Noah secures deal to use Unreal Engine May 2002 At the Beverly Hills W Hotel, in a landmark handshake deal, Noah convinces Unreal Engine owner's (Epic Games) to let him use the Unreal Engine.
2002 Structure Studios born April 2002 Structure Studios featured on the cover of Aqua Magazine
Structure Studios born December 2001 Investment is secured, and Structure Studios is officially born.
2000 Paddock Pools Logo 2000 Noah is hired to present a real 3D interactive swimming pool by Paddock Pools for $300
3D Network Diagram
1999 At age 19, Noah is inspired by a networking diagram homework assignment to design swimming pools in 3D.

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