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For our members, the results speaks for themselves. Licensed landscape architects, pool builders new to the family business, and seasoned pros. Talented perspective artists, former video game designers, and sales guys who’ve never taken a single drafting class.

All use our software to design and sell phenomenal projects.

Wherever you are in your career, and wherever you want to go — meet some of our members and discover why 48 out of 50 top designers rely on our landscape design software.

Success Stories

John Kay

"Using Vip3D has been nothing short of awesome when walking a customer through their project prior to construction."

-- John Kay, Land Engineering, Inc. Read the Success Story

Lea Frederick "As soon as they see their house and their backyard, you've pretty much got them. It makes it an easy sell."
-- Lea Frederick, Vue Custom Pools
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Shane LeBlanc "The speed of what Vip3D does is unbelievable. It's just unbelievable compared to what you have to do in a program like CAD or something like that. [Vip3D] allows me to put all my ideas on paper easily."
-- Shane LeBlanc, Selective Designs
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Chris Adamczyk "When they ask me what my thoughts are I usually respond, 'I don’t know until I fire up the program.' That is when the magic happens."
-- Chris Adamczyk, Watercolors Custom Pools
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Tommy Davis "I'm going to sell about 95% of the work that I show where a 3D presentation is involved. They can't say no."
-- Tommy Davis, Krause Landscape Contractors
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Jeromey Naugle

"Pool Studio allows you to do so much and go into so much detail that the client feels like they are in their own backyard instead of just looking at a picture."

-- Jeromey Naugle, Premier Paradise Inc Read the Success Story

Damon Lang “When a customer can virtually walk through their new outdoor space, it’s a game changer in closing a sale.”
-- Damon Lang, Green Planet Landscaping
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Barry Justus “The client truly understands exactly what they are getting... It becomes less of a process of me telling them what they need and instead becomes [a matter of] us working together to ensure they get exactly what they want.”
-- Barry Justus, Poolscape Inc.
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Pool Studio really makes a big difference in communicating complex design ideas with our clients. Thank you for a wonderful product!-- Riviera Pools of Tampa

For someone who doesn’t have any background in design or architect, Pool Studio & VizTerra has helped me a lot. I didn’t expect that, from a simple 2D design, I am able to create something in 3D.-- Katherine Mendes, Plant Systems, Inc.

VizTerra sets us apart from our competition allowing us to charge more for design work.
-- Les Lightfoot, Lightfoots Excellence in Landscaping

I already presented a few projects to my customers. I love your software. It helps me to sell a lot of pools. . . . I closed 50 pools this year just with Pool Studio. Thanks for all your attention.-- Albercas Mejoradas

Sure enough, I did very well showing two projects and far exceeded their expectations. This program is very nice and easy to use, and am aware of future updates in the near future. I look forward to continuing using this software. -- Steven Wesolowski

Your program has done more for my business than I can ever say in words.
-- Duane Draughon, Pavestone Design Group

 VizTerra is a new ‘silver bullet’ that makes me a fierce competitor in a very competitive market.
-- Rusk Jones, Waypoint Construction Group

Thank you for your assistance. FYI, my sales have gone up since using this program. I am for sure hooked now.
--John Madison, John Madison Landscape, Inc.

I have been very impressed by the customer service of Structure Studio and this is right along those lines. I have made 3 successful presentations using your software; we are very pleased since those are 3 out of 3. Thank you for your companies continued help and support and we look forward to doing business with you for very long time.
--Tim Anderson, Sales Manager, Backyard Oasis by Fun Time, LLC

My testimony is simply this. People are naturally visual beings. When I am able to present them with an replicated computer image of what their backyard will respectfully look like they are blown away. It makes my job easier and people are more willing to move forward do to the fact that they already know what to expect. My sales have increase and even more so my confidence in selling what my passion is. Thanks for such a marvelous tool. With appreciation.
-- Jamel Taylor, Landscape Industry Certified, Taylormade Landscapes, LLC

Pool Studio and VizTerra have made my job so much easier.
–Tommy Davis, Krause Landscape Contractors Inc.

I just wish I had known about this years ago! My past clients would have been SO impressed. However, now that I have it as a main design tool, I can't imagine designing without it. Thank you so much.
--Julie Liles

I’ve been using VIP Pool Studio for over two years now and now I'm lost without it. Previously, all my drawings were done by hand and I had only one perspective to share with my customer. Now I can move around in the program design and give my customers a virtual tour of their design. It's also easy to change materials with the customer and add features that are desirable. I like the idea that VIP Suite is always updating the program with new suppliers and design inventory, keeping my designs current with the times. I also receive excellent technical support from the guys at VIP Suite, whenever I have any programing problems or can't remember where to find a particular feature in the program. I really look forward to the future with VIP Suite to see how far we can go in developing even more innovative design features. Kudos to VIP Suite for their design program! 
-- Curt Cooper, Avalon Pools, Atlanta Georgia

The pictures sell the job without me having to explain every item in the design, which has always been the hardest part of selling a project.
-- Tommy Davis, Krause Landscape Contractors Inc

I presented my first project and signed a 185,000 dollar contract. Thanks for everything, and your software is amazing.
-- Jay Judd, Pool Energy Solutions

I learn so much on how I can improve our business and also how to properly present. You gave me so many tips that I can't wait to start.
-- Susanna

You guys care about what you are doing and you treat your customers great.
-- Tommy Davis, Krause Landscape Contractors Inc.

Your team has really come through and delivered on items needed such as the integration of CAD and the automatic back up for files. The expandability of the software to allow us to design our own items such as furniture and unique pieces gives me the availability to stay ahead of the curve.
--Blair Brown

Your product is amazing. We have been using Pool Studio for over 2 years now. Not only has our business tripled, we created a new design business for homeowners and contractors. Your software is what we use to dazzle our clients. Your customer service, support, training, and sales staff our second to none. You guys are industry leaders.
--Duane, VizX Design Studio

Pool studio support is there when I need them, just a simple email with a question and the answer is there when I wake up. Makes my life easy knowing I have the support when I need it, thanks to Jessica and Noah.
--Stephen Clark

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