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Design For Story:

Create Immersive Outdoor Living Experiences

This book will show you how the masters leverage story to go beyond the concrete and water, connect emotionally with clients, and sell more on every project.

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Design for Story is for designers who strive to create unforgettable experiences.

Complete with tips, advice, and stories, this takes a second look at widely accepted “best practices” and digs into decades and even centuries of research to help you create the most compelling designs.

Note from the Author

a few words about creating a book

In many ways, this book has been 20 years in the making. What began as the answer to a homework assignment has grown into the industry leading software that helps countless designers, builders, and landscapers create incredibly immersive, interactive 3D designs for their clients. Last year alone, our members designed nearly 1.8 million outdoor living projects for their clients.

Before we could create those 1.8 million annual designs with you, we asked two questions:

  • What does it really take to sell an outdoor living project?
  • And how could we make that process a little bit easier on everyone?

This book reveals the answer. A great design is far more than just its tech specs. When you Design for Story, you create an emotional connection — one that makes your client look at your design and say, That’s my pool.

Noah Nehlich

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10 Things This Book Will Teach You


How charging for designs reveals the value of your work


What it takes to create the most compelling designs


Why creating an emotional connection anchors clients to your design


How successful designers and builders use stories to engage clients


What the top four classic storytelling techniques offer you today


How to avoid overwhelming clients with too many choices


How to apply research-backed best practices to the pool and landscape industry


What Renaissance art & architecture reveal about placing your client at the center of your design


How to go beyond the laptop with VR and AR


How getting your clients involved helps them get invested