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We’re all about improving lives through 3D experiences.

Our team, our office, our legacy — a Structure Studios career is about more than creating fantastic software with the latest technology (in one of the coolest offices in Las Vegas, if we do say so ourselves).

Building software that makes a difference in our customers’ lives is just the start. We’re helping our customers grow their businesses with software that matters. So we’re doing more than just focusing on how to create that cutting-edge software. We’re here to discover ways we can help enrich people’s lives.

Make Amazing Things

It means a lot to us that our customers see us as an integral part of their own success.

We nurture lasting relationships with our members by listening to how they use our software, by searching for ways we can make designing in 3D easier, by staying on top of what’s happening in the industry, and then by using those insights to create meaningful products.

And with a software design job at Structure Studios, we believe creating meaningful software and doing extraordinary work is a team effort.

Tile Image - Improving Lives Through 3D Experiences

Why Structure Studios?

Driving change, innovating solutions, leading our industry: we recognize that outstanding results are achieved not just by working hard but also by nurturing creativity.

It’s balancing getting stuff done with finding inspiration. It’s creating a welcoming office space that helps you do your best work. And it’s making sure you have the tools you need.

From our entire team coming together to release major updates to our artists refining our 3D artwork. From our workshop instructors planning classes that make designing in 3D easier than ever to our tech support team constantly improving our response time.

These are just a few of the ways we work together to help improve lives through 3D experiences. And we think those achievements are a big part of what makes Structure Studios such a rewarding place to work.

As a stable company that doesn’t answer to investors, and that has never had a layoff, we build our growing team only when we find someone truly great to hire.

Want to join us? Maybe that next person will be you.

We seek out people who love what they do — and we offer the collaborative office space, innovative teams, and fun perks that are part of what make a Structure Studios career so enjoyable.

Fully Stocked Kitchen and Break Area Structure Studios Office

"I have creative control to come up with the solutions to problems without being at the mercy [of] a million processes and approvals.”

-- Jay, Tech Support

The Perks

Top Five Reasons to Join Us

1 Industry-leading software
(that makes a difference)
2 New opportunities
(for you to take)
3 A fantastic team
(plus fun events)
4 A great office
(in a great and growing city)
5 Generous benefits
(you’ll love)
Our goal is to improve lives through 3D experiences. To reach that goal, we include our team as well as our customers. Happy as we are to release awesome products, we make sure the experience of creating and sharing our software is awesome, too.

Investing in Our Team

We’re big believers in teamwork — taking risks, sharing ideas, and solving problems in innovative ways, together. And we recognize that achieving our goals and building our legacy requires both hard work and creativity.

So we set out to build an office where our people like to be — where they feel inspired, challenged, and excited to come to work.

When you work here, we encourage you to see just what you can achieve as part of a great, diverse team. So enjoy the fully stocked kitchen. Challenge your teammates over the pool table. Make the most of the theater and gaming room. Use paid time off. And take the opportunity to do work that you love.

Investing in our Team Structure Studios Fun

Health and Wellness

Competitive medical, dental, and vision insurance is just the start. We know that our employees have unique needs and unique families, so we also offer universal life insurance, long-term disability insurance, relocation assistance, and childcare benefits.

Benefits: The Short List

  • Medical Insurance
  • Dental & Vision
  • Paid Holidays
  • Paid Time Off (starting at 20 days per year)
  • 401(k)
  • Universal Life Insurance
  • Tuition Reimbursement
  • Relocation Assistance
  • Bonus and Incentive Programs
  • Snacks and Beverages in Fully Stocked Kitchen
  • Theater/Gaming Room
Coverage for you and your family

Build Your Career

Ready to pitch in and get started?

We’re hiring. Check out our open positions:

Senior C++ Math and Computational Geometry Software Engineer
Develop, enhance, and support complex 2D and 3D geometric modeling algorithms in operations such as Booleans, Filleting, Intersectors, Unioning and Clipping. Invent new ways for users to interact with 3D spatial geometry in an existing 3D CAD software application. Handle “sloppy drawing” situations where shared edges of shapes are snapped together if within a certain tolerance. Optimize existing 2D geometry subsystem for real-time performance in large complex scenes and construct 3D geometry from 2D representations, clipping geometry and UV coordinates as necessary. Design robust interfaces with an emphasis on ease of use. Enhance the reliability of a mature and complex software system.

Minimum Requirements

  • Minimum 5 years of experience in C++ and/or C# programming
  • Minimum 5 years of experience in object-oriented design and implementation
  • High proficiency with Object-Oriented design and implementation in C++ and/or C#
  • High proficiency with 3D graphics, 3D math, linear algebra, numerical methods, GUI development, and WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation)

BS in Computer Engineering, Systems Engineering or closely related field

How to Apply:
Qualified applicants should send resumes via Email to

Capable and Dependable Full Stack Developer

Our 3D design software is the center of the outdoor living industry, and our customer database is its ambassador. Many of our goals now and on the horizon are deeply rooted in our customer database, such as improving our customer experience, opening doors for innovative new products, and making our team’s day more productive.

At Structure Studios, we have a famously small team of engineers (currently 6) who develop our core software. Engineers here enjoy a lot of autonomy and independence in how they solve problems. Now, we are looking for someone who can wear many hats and approach the customer database from many angles.

This is a challenging job that requires a unique combination of traits:

  • 7+ years of experience in coding with .Net C#, ASP.Net Core 2 MVC, MVC, SQL, data access models
  • Designing Web Pages using HTML, jQuery, CSS, Knockout.js, bootstrap and CSS
  • Designing Web Services using WCF, Web API (REST, JSON), Web API 2.0 with .NET Core 2
  • Designing Windows applications development (WPF)
  • Development of complex SQL queries using MS Transact SQL (T-SQL)
  • Strong experience with MS SQL Server, database architecture, and schema design
  • Microsoft Entity Framework 6 (code first)
  • Experience with EF Core and MySql
  • Experience with MySql
  • Experience with automapper
  • Experience with Angular 4
  • Experience with Typescript 2+
  • Experience with ASP.NET Core 2 Web API
  • Experience with ASP.NET Core 2 Middleware
  • Understanding of Object Oriented programming
  • A deep passion for programming

You’ll do well here if you have experience in the following (or you’re eager to pick up a few skills on the job):

  • Amazon Web Services
  • SQL Server administration
  • WiX Toolset
  • Angular (2 or 4)
  • Typescript 2+
  • .NET Core 2 Middleware
  • PHP
  • VSCode
  • Node Package Manager
  • WebPack

If you have a background in most or all of the above, then odds are you have a lot of choices about how to spend your time. Consider Structure Studios as a rare opportunity to shape the way millions of people experience the second largest investment of their lives. Each and every day we are surprised and captivated by our customers’ creations, and we hope you will be, too. There are rewarding long term projects for you to join, and there is a ton of low hanging fruit. Just about any feature you touch contains something interesting to hack on that will improve how thousands of people experience our software.

How To Apply:
To submit a resume or for more information, please email

Friendly Technical Support Specialist
Job Description:

Here at Structure Studios, we do more than just develop the best 3D design software. We also offer our Members the fantastic support that makes it easy and enjoyable to design amazing outdoor living projects with our software.

Because our focus is on our Members, our entire team works together to meet our goal of offering support that is friendly, accessible, and as helpful as possible. As a Member Support Specialist, you’ll join our team as a great listener as much as a great communicator.

As you gain a deep and thorough knowledge of how our software works, you’ll use your creative-problem solving skills to adapt and tailor your support style to converse with people in a myriad of roles and from a variety of backgrounds. That includes business owners, architects, designers, and everyone in between. You’ll use the insights that you’ve gained through those productive conversations to develop and communicate thoughtful, customized solutions that help our Members.

Throughout the day, you’ll use your knowledge of the software as well as all available resources to resolve issues. Whether answering simple how-to questions or diagnosing complex software bugs, you’ll demonstrate a keen understanding of both the technical and non-technical aspects of designing in 3D, and you’ll use that understanding to help our Members achieve their goals.

In this role, you'll:

  • Handle multiple customer issues at the same time in a fast-paced environment by providing support through three main channels throughout the day: phone (primary channel), email, and chat.
  • Take full ownership of any technical issues from beginning to end in order to usher each Member to a timely and successful outcome.
  • Document and report software issues to the development team using our established processes and channels, including replicating the issue, offering any necessary context, and undertaking research.
  • Demonstrate composure, resilience, adaptability, and urgency as Member needs and case volumes change.

You're an ideal fit if you:

  • Have a strong working knowledge of computer software installation and configuration.
  • Communicate clearly, kindly, and informatively over email and the phone as well as in person.
  • Enjoy setting and reaching goals personally as well as a part of a team to keep Members engaged, knowledgeable, and productive.
  • Readily help others and confidently use the resources at your disposal to resolve challenges.
  • Adapt quickly to changing priorities while managing time, tasks, and deadlines effectively.


  • 2+ years of customer-based software support experience.
  • Fluent in Spanish

How To Apply:
Please submit resume to

Customer Service Manager
The Opportunity:

We do more than just develop the most spectacular 3D design software here at Structure Studios. We also set out to improve lives through 3D experiences. One way our team achieves that goal is by engaging, guiding, and advising our Members to ensure their journey is successful and enjoyable.

As the Customer Service Manager, you’ll be a coach as much as a project manager, a consultant as well as a product expert.

With Members, you’ll build on your experience to help create and nurture each customer's journey — beginning at the point of sale and extending through onboarding, project success, and renewal.

With our sales, support, and training teams, you’ll provide input into strategic customer plans, helping to identify and uncover improved ways our existing customers might use our software.

Who We’re Looking For:

  • A supportive listener who understands customer service and customer support best practices and who excels at communicating clearly to resolve technical issues
  • An effective communicator with strong interpersonal skills who knows how to build trust and develop strong relationships
  • A proactive team player who is motivated by helping fellow team members to grow and by supporting others to achieve success
  • An innovative thinker who will inspire customer loyalty and adoption by leveraging strong project management skills to implement those ideas successfully

What You’ll Do:

  • Foster a culture of operational excellence where the team consistently executes to ensure Members receive the best possible resolutions
  • Handle customer escalations to create positive outcomes while approaching problem-solving creatively and empathizing with every aspect of the customer experience
  • Serve as a coach and mentor, helping team members grow while using performance-based feedback to set expectations
  • Develop and implement strategies, standards, and procedures to ensure optimal customer experience and satisfaction
  • Interact with sales and training to analyze Member feedback and develop programs effective for improved Member experience
  • Assist in the planning, scheduling, and coordination of project activities
  • Regularly craft new customer onboarding assets, including processes, emails, blogs, videos, and Knowledge Base articles

What Your Background Looks Like:

  • 5+ years of customer-facing customer service management
  • An excellent track record of highly professional customer service in a dynamic, start-up environment
  • A great track record growing CSAT, NPS, and CES scores
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills

How To Apply:
Please submit resume to