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Instant 3D

Draw in 2D, Share in 3D

See your pool design ideas transform into fully interactive 3D with just one click. This is the professional 3D pool design software that makes creating custom, shareable results easy for everyone, not just the AutoCAD experts. The intuitive interface and smart 3D design tools make creating immersive 3D presentations featuring your expertly designed swimming pools a breeze. And the built-in library offers an extensive array of hand-crafted 3D options to enhance your swimming pools.

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Easy Tools, Easy Changes

With 3 drawing tools and 5 editing tools, it has never been easier to create in 3D the incredible custom pool designs your clients want.

Smart 3D design tools detect changes automatically and recalculate instantly, so handling pool design change requests has never been easier.


Amaze your client when you reveal how gorgeous the custom pool you’ve designed will be. Break new ground with the trailblazing tools of the most innovative professional 3D pool design software.

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Design in Context with GIS

See the property before you visit the site

Calculate square footage, measure the perimeter, and assess the outdoor space for your pool design — quickly, easily, and entirely virtually. With image detail down to an impressive 3” per pixel, GIS images integrate easily with your pool design software tools. The five ultra-high-resolution images and surveyed terrain data offer you the ability to assess an outdoor space in remarkable detail, all before you visit.

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GIS Aerial Imagery
Topographic Data

Examine the details of your client’s property when you import topographic terrain lines from AutoCAD, scan in sitemaps, or use the GIS database to begin your pool design.

Garden Design Software with Topographic Terrain
Import Site Maps & AutoCAD

Establish the perfect scale for your next pool design when you import AutoCAD files or trace site maps.

Landscape Design Software Import drawings from Autocad

Swimming Pools

Dive right in

In four simple clicks, put the pool your client has always wanted within reach. With user-friendly and intuitive tools, 3D pool design software makes it easy to customize the depth, personalize the interior finish, and change the water color based on the time of day. The final click transforms your client’s dream pool into beautiful, interactive 3D.

Southwest Pool

Southwest Pool

Northeast Pool

Northeast Pool

Tuscan Pool

Tuscan Pool

West Coast Pool

West Coast Pool

Southern Pool

Southern Pool
Jeromey Naugle, Premier Paradise Inc "Pool Studio allows you to do so much and go into so much detail that the client feels like they are in their own backyard instead of just looking at a picture."
-- Jeromey Naugle, Premier Paradise Inc

Create Pergolas Instantly

Welcome your client into the shade

Adding much-needed shade to your client’s property is easy with fully integrated pergola design software’s smart, intuitive tools. Custom pergolas, patio covers, arbors — 3D design makes these easy to create and personalize. And because every detail is simple and easy to select, edit, and update — from custom wood finishes to precisely placed slats — creating an extraordinary design that your client is sure to love is easy, too.

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Custom Pergola Design Software

Walls, Fences, and Railings

Take your fence up slopes, follow staircases, and border balconies. It’s easy to make sure your fence suits your client’s property perfectly with the dedicated wall and fence software that automatically detects elevation changes.

Whether you’re a seasoned pool builder or a new pool designer, Pool Studio offers you the 3D design tools you need to design everything your client wants — from custom wooden fences to brick walls, pool fences to child fences, and so much more. Plus, the built-in template library makes it easy to customize fences quickly, so it’s easy to create the perfect fence for each of your custom swimming pools.

With the smart 3D design tools, create a beautiful wall, build a fence, design a custom railing — and reveal beautiful custom results that enhance your stunning pool design.

  Look at a few of the many possibilities

  • Vinyl 3 Rail Fence
  • Brick Wall & Iron
  • Staggered Wood Fence
  • Composite Glass
  • Cable Fence with Wood Posts
Fence Variation 01 Fence Variation 02 Fence Variation 03 Fence Variation 04 Fence Variation 05
Vast Template Library

Simply click to insert a template from the extensive library or save your own designs to your personal library.

Swimming Pool Template
Thousands of Objects

Add the hand-crafted, 3D finishing touches that make your custom pool design memorable and amaze your clients.

3D Landscape Design Software Object Library - Vip3D
Instant Dimensions

Save time by letting your pool design software do the number crunching. The dimensions you need are at your fingertips.

Instant Pool Measurements


The 3D pool design software library includes an extensive array of beautifully rendered materials, making it easy to customize every surface in your pool design. From pavers to brick, concrete to tiles — it’s easy to select, choose, and customize the materials that will make your walkways, pool interiors, furniture, and more suit your pool design perfectly.

Absolutely anything that you draw or add from the library is easy to update and change in 3D — instantly and beautifully. Use the color wheel, adjust the HSV and RGB values, apply custom swatches, or even import graphics files to create your own custom materials. Whether you want to adjust the color or change the material — the intuitive 3D design tools make it easy.

  Try it out

  • Natural Flagstone Thumbnail
  • Herringbone Mix Thumbnail
  • Diamond Parquet Thumbnail
  • Travertine Thumbnail
Flagstone Deck Material Herringbone Paver Material Parquett Paver Material Travertine Deck Material


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For Swimming Pool Designers

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Interactive 3D

Explore the details

Show your clients how enjoyable their new pool will be in immersive, interactive 3D. As you welcome them into their personalized presentation, you reveal the custom details that make your pool design perfect for them. And as they walk or even fly through your custom design, they’ll enjoy exploring those special details at their own pace.

Day-to-night transitions, lush nature sounds, and more are easy to customize in your 3D design to help immerse your client and encourage them to interact with the features and elements you’ve chosen for them. As you invite your client to take a dip in their 3D pool, you reveal the vivid details that make your pool design exactly right for them.


Photo Mode

Share the best views

Any angle, from any time of day or night. Reveal the details of your pool design in up to 8K resolution with powerful 3D pool design software tools.

Simply click to select the camera points you need in your 3D design, choose from an array of optional artistic effects, and then email, print, or share your photos on social media or directly with your client.

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Photo Mode

Video Mode

Create breathtaking videos

See how easy it is to create professional-quality videos with the integrated video storyboard. Highlight important details in your 3D design, rearrange featured locates, add and sync sound, and assemble shots to create a beautiful video that ties together your gorgeous pool design. With powerful and intuitive 3D pool design software, professional results are immediately ready to share with clients or on social media.

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Damon Lang, Green Planet Landscaping “When a customer can virtually walk through their new outdoor space, it’s a game changer in closing a sale.”
-- Damon Lang, Green Planet Landscaping

Time of Day

Capture the perfect mood

As you take your client through their interactive 3D presentation, change the time of day to shift the sun and the moon in your 3D design. Go from day to dusk to night, revealing how beautiful the view will be as the sun sets over their property and the lights turn on.

Let your client discover the shady spot you’ve added that is perfect for relaxing after a swim. Turn on the color-changing pool lights and surprise them with the experience of an illuminated evening dip in the pool. And showcase how well-suited your 3D design is to your client’s lifestyle when you reveal how they will enjoy the elements you’ve created during the day as well as at night.

Time of Day

  Try it out

  • Day
  • Dusk
  • Night
Day Dusk Night


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For Swimming Pool Designers


Unified Designs

Combine your design at any scale

The fully integrated and fully customizable construction layer integrated into your 3D pool design software makes it incredibly easy to draw up the construction plans that you need. Easily add symbols as well as plumbing, electrical, and gas lines directly to your pool design. Choose the scale you need and your plans are ready for your team.

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Pool Design Software Construction Plan Garden Design Software Construction Plan
Landscape Design Software Construction Plan

Instant Calculations

No need to break out the scratch paper — Pool Studio’s Smart Data tools do the time-consuming calculations for you. Step risers, turn down measurements, dirt displacement, concrete yardage, gallonage, and rebar calculations — the construction software tools crunch the numbers for you.

And because the measurements are calculated instantly, you immediately get valuable insight into your 3D design as you work. Hardscape calculations, volume measurements, and more. The numbers you need are easy to take in and share at just a glance, backed by the power of the most advanced professional pool design software.

Pool Rebar Visualization

Complete Plans

Your designs, ready to build

Save time when estimating projects with the only professional 3D pool design software that fully integrates powerful, automatic construction specs.

Real-time updates keep pace with you as you work on your 3D design, giving you instant access to the calculations you need to get your client’s project built. And because edits and changes are integrated instantly into your 3D design, change requests go from being time-consuming to incredibly easy, no matter how many swimming pools are on your to-do list.

Detailed, comprehensive construction pages rely on Pool Studio’s innovative construction design software tools, saving you hours of work. Calculations update as you create and edit your pool design, giving you incredible insight into every detail of your custom project.

Construction Plans
Barry Justus, Poolscape Inc. “The client truly understands exactly what they are getting... It becomes less of a process of me telling them what they need and instead becomes [a matter of] us working together to ensure they get exactly what they want.”
-- Barry Justus, Poolscape Inc.

Calculate Anything

Get the numbers you need

Get the numbers you need at your fingertips, instantly, with swimming pools design software. Just click to triangulate key points or calculate an object’s area, perimeter, or material square feet.

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Pool and Landscape Design Measurements - Vip3D
Pool Measurements
Area: 428ft2
Perimeter: 90ft 2in
Deck Measurements
Area: 1114ft2
Coping Area: 84ft2
Electrical Lines
Length: 81ft 3in
Plumbing Lines
Length: 341ft

Triangulation and Centerline Tools

Measure your pool instantly

Save time with the instant, automatic measurement tools that do the time-consuming, painstaking work of measuring your intricate swimming pool designs for you. No need to do the calculations manually — with 3D pool design software’s fully integrated smart tools, the rulers are generated instantly, ready for you to edit, adjust, rotate, and print.

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Print on Site Plans

Use your pool design software to print the paperwork you need for approvals. Just scan in the site plans, add your design, and print.

Print on site plans
Export to AutoCAD

Sharing your pool designs with pool builders still using AutoCAD? Exporting your 3D designs is easy.

Export your designs to AutoCAD DWG files to share with others

Measure in 3D

Provide Clarity

The intricate details of your pool design become effortlessly easy to understand at a glance with 3D Measurements. Show installers exactly how thick the lip needs to be or reveal to your client how each element of their new outdoor kitchen has been precisely placed. Measure vertical components, calculate every angle, and help everyone on your team stay on track.

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3D Measurements


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For Swimming Pool Designers

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What is Pool Studio?

Pool Studio is incredibly fast and easy to use 3D Swimming Pool design software. Our “Instant 3D” design software is unique, making it quick and easy for you (whether you live and breathe AutoCAD or you don’t even like turning on your computer) to create, share, and immediately modify fully interactive, fully customized 3D swimming pool design presentations.

Who is Pool Studio for?

Pool Studio 3D design software is the ideal solution for designers and builders of swimming pools and outdoor living spaces who want to save time and grow their businesses by sharing extraordinary 3D swimming pool presentations clients remember and love.

What does the Best 3D Swimming Pool Design Software do?

Pool Studio is all-in-one 3D Swimming Pool Design Software that makes it easy for you to draw in 2D, present Instant 3D, and print ready-to-build construction plans.

With Pool Studio 3D design software, you’ll craft an incredible experience for your clients. Fully interactive 3D software designs, complete with animation and sound effects, give your clients the opportunity to float in the swimming pool you’ll create for them, listening to the sound of rippling water and watching the clouds drift by.

Wow your clients with 3D design software: change the time of day and illuminate your pool design with functioning lights and moonlight playing on the water. Or make the software designs simple so your clients can compare premium materials. The Best 3D Swimming Pool Design Software lets you show upgrades in realistic 3D detail and reveal changes to your customers instantly.

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