VizTerra Features

Realistic 3D Hardscape MaterialsHardscape Materials

Select the best paver for your design–the library is updated frequently with popular pavers from top manufacturers.

Realistic MaterialsHardscapes

AutoCAD ImportPlot Plan/AutoCAD Import

Import information from images or AutoCAD DWG easily, including templates, landscaping symbols, and entire projects.

Draw from Plot PlansCreate Stunning 3D from AutoCAD Files

Construction PlansConstruction Plans

Print build-ready plans, including key construction details like sprinkler line measurements, purchase lists, and area and perimeter.

Construction PlansConstruction Plans

Artistic Fills

In just one click, add handcrafted
color to your landscape designs

Exclusive for VizTerra members
  • Colored Pencils
  • Markers
  • Watercolors
  • Modern
Colored Pencil FillsMarker FillsWatercolor FillsModern Fills

Realistic 3D MaterialsMaterials

Apply easily scaled, realistic 3D materials to complete your design.

Easily Change Materials to Customize Your DesignRealistic Materials

“VizTerra sets us apart from our competition allowing us to charge more for design work.” Les Lightfoot – Lightfoots Excellence in Landscaping

Hundreds of Plants and TreesPlants/trees/symbols/containers

Choose from hundreds of hand-crafted 3D models, with over 77,000 variations.

Plant Symbols and ContainersPlants, Trees and Symbols

2D Picture Import

Start quickly by importing your own pictures and adding new hardscape and landscape features.

2D Picture Import2D Picture Import

Terrain and ElevationTerrain/topography/elevations

Create rolling hills, embankments, and berms and generate topography lines automatically.

TerrainTerrain and Elevation


Turn on functional lights in real time, from palm trees with flood lights to recessed lights on the patio.

Landscape LightingLandscape Lighting

Stunning Image Effects

Make your presentations even more memorable with custom filters. Transform your design into a watercolor painting, a pencil sketch, and more.

Colored Sketch
Coloring Book

Beautiful Watercolor
Stunning Paint
Detailed Colored Pencil Sketches
Hand color your own drawing!
exclusive feature Get Started

Pool Studio Testimonial“Your product has been the
single best investment that
we have ever bought.” Duane Draughon – Pavestone Design Group

Time of DayTime of Day

Present in real-time, letting the sun rise before switching to night time to reveal the illuminated deck lights.

Rock WorkRock Work

Craft custom rock waterfalls and gardens.

VT YouTubeYouTube

Record and upload videos to share with YouTube.

Outdoor KitchensOutdoor Kitchens

Include high-end features customers love, like grills and dining areas.


Customize fireplaces, fire pits, and barbecues with animated fire.


Add covered and open patios to feature outdoor living spaces.

Terrain and ElevationsRetaining Walls

Shape the perfect retaining walls for multiple elevations.

Share Files Seamlessly Between Pool Studio and VizTerraShare Files

Share your design information seamlessly between VizTerra and Pool Studio with your swimming pool builder.

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Can VizTerra, 3D Hardscape and Landscape Design Software, Do Everything?

The answer is Yes

  • Can I design fully-interactive 3D landscapes?
  • Can I include plants, trees, and full landscaping?
  • Can I create detailed terrain with realistic elevation and natural coloring?
  • Can I incorporate furniture, yard accessories, outdoor structures, and other elements?
  • Can I add water features, fountains, and ponds?
  • Can I add animated fish to my ponds?
  • Can I customize rock features and stone work?
  • Can I include houses, covered patios, walls, and other structures?
  • Can I use real-time night lighting to illuminate my design?
  • Can I incorporate fully 3D products from top manufacturers and vendors?
  • Can I use thousands of 3D items in the materials library?
  • Can I really use all of the handcrafted plants, trees, hardscapes, planters, water features, and other materials in the library?
  • Can I create and save my own custom landscaping templates?
  • Can I take full control of my landscaping with your huge library of plants and trees?
  • Can I organize by plant zone and place landscaping by container size?
  • Can I switch plant species easily?
  • Can I apply materials and patterns to surfaces, structures, and objects?
  • Can I import professional plot plans and scanned images to start my landscaping design?
  • Can I control my landscaping presentation in real time?
  • Can I set the time of day to display the perfect professional scene to my customer?
  • Can I export full color screenshots of my landscape design presentation as sales materials?
  • Can I export information from my 3D landscaping design to other programs?
  • Can I export to AutoCAD?
  • Can I export to Excel, too?
  • Can I create professional multi-page construction plans and layouts?
  • Can I customize my plans and layouts to my company and region?
  • Can I even add landscaping legends, sprinkler line measurements, and more?
  • Can I receive regular software updates automatically downloaded into my program?
  • Can I make 3D landscaping presentations even without an internet connection?
  • Can I use my laptop to make 3D landscaping presentations?
  • Can I share my landscape and hardscape VizTerra design with my swimming pool builder who uses Pool Studio?
  • Can I share information and learn techniques from other experienced professionals through the active online community of Members?
  • Can I create commercial projects?
  • Can I design on-site?
  • Will it increase my profits?
  • Will it be easy?
  • Will it be fast?


Yes, I want to see for myself what I can do with 3D Hardscape and Landscape Design Software

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