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Easy Changes

Change requests, simplified.

Update your design as you present it with unprecedented ease. With the 3D Pool and Landscaping Design Software Features, 3D objects update seamlessly so you can respond quickly to your clients’ requests. Simply drag and drop 3D objects to feature them in another location or to achieve the perfect layout. Pool Studio and VizTerra automatically detect changes and recalculate accordingly. Impressive, fast, easy.

8 Easy Tools

It’s never been easier to learn everything you need.

The best 3D pool and landscaping design software features a streamlined workflow. With it, you can design anything and everything with just eight powerful tools. A pool, a deck, topographic terrain, plumbing lines, construction markings and more. All accomplished with three drawing tools and five editing tools. And all eight are smart tools — like the Arc tool that maintains perfect S-curves no matter how you move or alter an object — so you can design and edit with unrivaled ease.

Pool and Landscape Design Tools

Design in Context with GIS

The highest-resolution aerial imagery for the highest-quality designs.

Dramatically transform your workflow with the pool landscape design software and the most accurate aerial images available. Design with high-resolution GIS surveyed terrain data, and detailed information about your client’s property. Image detail down to 3” per pixel means you can calculate square footage, measure the perimeter, and assess the outdoor living space — instantly.

Simply type in your client’s address to access the GIS data, plus five ultra-high-resolution images. The surrounding terrain is modeled for you so it’s easy to spot any potential limitations to the project before visiting the client — or even complete a design remotely without ever stepping foot onto the site.

Garden Design Software Tools - Enter Property Address Pool and Landscape Design Software GIS Images Landscape, pool, and garden design software

Import Site Maps and AutoCAD Files

Trace or Import what you need

With Pool Studio and VizTerra’s easy import tools, it’s faster and easier than ever to achieve the perfect scale for a seamless design. The 3D pool and landscaping design software features let you import images from county websites or scan in plot and site plans so you have precise control over every detail of your design. And you can use the smart design stages to turn AutoCAD drawings into a stunning 3D design, instantly with this pool landscape design software.

 Landscape Design Software Import drawings from Autocad

3D Pool and Landscape Design Software

See 2D Photos in 3D

Snap a picture, add your creation

Combine the power of outdoor living design software with your sharp photography skills. Using Pool Studio and VizTerra’s flexible smart stages, you can easily insert traditional 2D photos into your 3D design, and create the perfect look set against the background of your client’s actual space. The powerful tools of the pool landscape design software let you draw 3D objects in front of 2D images, automatically giving you all of the calculations you need to both price and construct your design.

Add photos to your 3D pool and Landscape Design Software Hardscape Design Software with Photos

Topographic Terrain

Bring the whole world into 3D

The unique and intelligent topographic terrain system empowers you to draw the grade of a client's property in just a few easy clicks. You can import topographic lines from AutoCAD, scan in site maps, and automatically generate topographic terrain lines using the incredible and precise GIS database included in Pool Studio and VizTerra.

Garden Design Software with Topographic Terrain 3D Pool and Landscape Design Software Topographic Terrain

Swimming Pools

Vip3D IconVizTerra IconPool Studio and Vip3D Only

Take a swim in your future pool

With as few as four mouse clicks, you can create a dynamic swimming pool with unparalleled realism. Those four simple clicks give you a swimming pool with customizable depth, realistic water color based on the time of day, and an exquisite interior finish that matches your client’s style.

Add polish to your design by layering details, including color-changing lights, sheer descents, deck jets, vanishing edges and more. You can easily save your design to the large built-in Swimming Pool Template Library, so you can immediately access your work again. Swimming Pool Design Software has never been easier, or faster.

Tuscan Pool West Coast Pool Southern Pool Southwest Pool Northeast Pool
3D Swimming Pool Design Software Tuscan Estate 3D Swimming Pool Design Software California Residence 3D Swimming Pool Design Software Southern Pool 3D Swimming Pool Design Software Southwest Example 3D Swimming Pool Design Software North East Property

Instant Dimensions

Complex calculations, simplified.

Calculate any measurement you need in record time. With simple keystrokes, bypass the mouse and type in the precise measurements and angles you need for any shape. Select shapes in 2D to get perimeters, linear feet, or meters. Estimate gallons. Triangulate locations or find arc center points with the measure tool. And let the pool design software’s intelligent stage system account for overlapping objects and do the area calculations for you — like when a pool, spa, and deck meet and overlap.

Raised Deck
Area: 867sq. ft.
Perimeter: 241ft. 1in.
3D Landscape Design Tools

Walls, Fences, and Railings

Wall and Fence design software: Included.

The power of dedicated wall and fence design software, made accessible in Pool Studio and VizTerra. The intelligent design tools automatically detect elevation changes as you plan walls, fences, and railings.

Improve on traditional fences and design without restriction — create classic wooden fences, brick walls, pool fences, child fences, and more by using the built-in template library or by customizing your own designs.

Look at a few of the many possibilities:

  • Vinyl 3 Rail Fence
  • Brick Wall & Iron
  • Staggered Wood Fence
  • Composite Glass
  • Cable Fence with Wood Posts
3D Swimming Pool Design Software 3D Garden Design Software 3D Landscape Design Software 3D Wall and Fence Design Software 3D Railing Design Software

Create Perfect Decks

Deck design software, now fully integrated.

Amaze your clients with a custom deck like none other. With fully integrated deck design software, the beautiful details of even the most complex decks are easy to reveal to your clients — and automatic calculation tools that update as you design offer you an unprecedented level of precision.

With an extensive variety of beautiful new wood materials, precise structural options that measure up to even the most innovative design, and user-friendly tools that work together far more seamlessly than standalone 3D deck design software — the Wood Decks feature makes creating the perfect custom deck easier, and more enjoyable, than ever before.

Deck Design Software

3D Deck Design Software 3D Deck Design Software

Create Unique Pergolas

Add shade to your pergola design

Creating the perfect pergolas, patio covers, and arbors just got easier.

Intuitive new tools transform the pergola design process, merging fully integrated patio design software with the most powerful, accurate, and detailed pool and landscape design software to give you new tools to create, customize, and share the most extraordinary pergolas.

Now, it’s incredibly fast and easy to create welcoming, shaded areas for your clients to enjoy — complete with all of the custom, unique details, finishes, and features that make your design truly stand out. Transform your client’s backyard: take advantage of the new tools designed to make creating custom pergolas, patio covers, and arbors effortlessly easy. From custom wood finishes to precisely placed slats — every detail is easy to place, select, and edit so that you achieve the perfect results.

Pergola Design Software

Custom Pergola Design Software Custom Pergola Design Software

Import SketchUp Files

Vip3D IconVip3D Only

Import favorite 3D objects, instantly.

Expand your library exponentially and import easily from outside sources — you can use the simple interface to import models from Google’s 3D warehouse. People, animals, architectural elements, houses, vehicles, furniture, plants, trees. Once imported, SketchUp objects are easy to customize and match to the materials from your own outdoor living designs with the powerful and streamlined materials editor. You can also save customized SketchUp models to your library to organize and use again.

Pool Design Sketchup in Vip3D Import any sketchup in Vip3D Pool and Landscape Design Software

Powerful Library

Find what you need, instantly.

The quick and responsive library makes it incredibly easy to find what you’re looking for in just a few quick clicks. Designed around your workflow, the library is both searchable and browsable, so you can search with keywords or you can browse through thousands of objects and materials, sorted into efficient categories. Discover new ways to inspire yourself and surprise your clients. And when you find what you need, add or resize objects in just one click.

3D Landscape Design Tools Object Library

Add your own creations.

Offering unlimited customization options, the library in Pool Studio and VizTerra simplifies organization so that you can save anything in your own custom categories. Easily save drawn objects (such as a detailed outdoor kitchen design) or customized objects (such as unique plant names and customized furniture colors) and keep them within easy reach for use in future designs. You can also select groups of objects to save them together in your custom outdoor living design software library.

Pool, Landscape Garden Design Software Tools


Customize every surface of your design using our library beautifully rendered materials.

  1. Customize Colors
  2. Pavers
  3. Stone
  4. Tile
  5. Pool Interiors (PS Only)
  6. and more
  • Natural Flagstone ThumbnailNatural Flagstone
  • Herringbone Mix ThumbnailMixed Herringbone
  • Diamond Parquet ThumbnailDiamond Parquet
  • Travertine ThumbnailTravertine
Natural Flagstone Mixed Herringbone Diamond Parquet Travertine


Create a custom experience using thousands of hand-crafted items to decorate your designs.

  • Water and Fire Features in 3D Pool, Landscape, and Garden Design SoftwareWater and Fire
  • Outdoor Fireplaces in 3D Pool, Landscape, and Garden Design SoftwareFireplaces
  • Outdoor Furniture in 3D Pool, Landscape, and Garden Design SoftwareFurniture
  • Landscape Lights 3D Landscape Design SoftwareLighting
  • People and Pets in 3D Pool, Landscape, and Garden Design SoftwareCharacters
  • Realistic Rockwork 3D Pool Landscape Design SoftwareRockwork
  • Outdoor Kitchens Design SoftwareOutdoor Kitchens
  • 3D Pool and Landscape Design Softwareand more


Choose from thousands of life-like landscaping items including Flowers, Trees, Shrubs, Ground Cover, and More.

3D Landscape Design Software Plants and Trees - Vip3D


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