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Import 3D Images

Add perspective to your plans.

Share more advanced, more dynamic results than is possible with traditional 2D construction plans. Incredibly detailed 3D plans reflect precisely what you want, giving both your clients and your construction crew better insight into your collaborative goals. For construction elements that simply can’t be communicated through 2D line drawings or cutouts, using pool and garden design software to offer 3D perspectives of design elements ensures your crew builds precisely to your specifications.

Pool and Landscape Design Software Construction Plans

Print on Site Plans

Scan, design, print. Approvals, made easy.

Getting paperwork in order for approvals has never been easier. Take advantage of the powerful construction tools that your outdoor living design software has created for you, and you can quickly print the completed site plans you need — ready for approval with your proposed property changes. Simply scan in paper site plans, add your design, and print. You can even import a site plan or property surveys from AutoCAD.

Pool and Landscape Design Software Print on Site Plans

Export to AutoCAD

Experience total compatibility.

Export your outdoor living designs to share them easily with engineering firms, architects or anyone else who still uses AutoCAD.

 Import AutoCAD in Vip3D Pool and Landscape Design Software Construction Plans

Artistic Fills

Vip3D IconVizTerra IconVip3D and VizTerra Only

Go beyond simple black and white plans.

It’s never been easier to bring your plans to life. Built for the needs of professional designers, VizTerra reveals itself as the best landscape design software with powerful options that let you experiment freely to express your design vision. Gorgeous, hand-drawn fill patterns make it easy to create the stunning look you want. Water Colors, Markers, Colored Pencils and Modern artistic fills are built-in so you can enhance your design with just one click. And VizTerra’s seamless tools let you see your construction plans with the same materials you assigned in the 3D materials stage, automatically. You can adjust any color to match the exact look you need.

  • Markers
  • Modern
  • Colored Pencils
  • Watercolor
Construction Plan with Marker Fill Patterns Construction Plan with Modern Fill Patterns Construction Plan with Colored Pencil Fill Patters Construction Plan with Watercolor Fill Patterns

Plant Legend

Vip3D IconVizTerra IconVip3D and VizTerra Only

Keep your focus on your design.

Let the plant legend analyze your work for you. The pro landscape design software’s powerful and customizable plant legend tool automatically categorizes plant and object types, keeping track of any tree, bush, flower, or object you place in your design. And if you add more trees or objects, or if you customize the symbols or names, the legend updates automatically.

 Plant Legends in Garden and Landscape Design Software Construction Plans

Custom Symbols and Container Sizes

Vip3D IconVizTerra IconVizTerra and Vip3D Only

Achieve total design freedom.

Choose from the library of plant and object symbols or customize your own. It’s simple to create and edit plant symbols, colors, and container sizes that will make your construction plans easy for your team to interpret.

Custom Symbols in Garden and Landscape Design Software Construction Plans

Irrigation Lines

Draw irrigation lines and mark the location of sprinkler systems. You can easily select your irrigation lines for a total length calculation.

Irrigation Lines in Garden and Landscape Design Software Construction Plans - Vip3D

Draw and Print to Any Scale

With one simple click, you can change the scale of any design. Choose any scale you need, including ⅛” or 1/16” engineering scale. When you’re ready to print, simply select any paper size, from standard 8.5”x11” to plotter size.

Construction Plans in Landscape Design Software - Vip3D
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